Monday night is much better on HARDDRIVE XL with LOU BRUTUS! This week’s featured artist, joining Lou every night is NICKELBACK! Tonight’s special guest is SLIPKNOT! Plus, Lou will entertain you with POETRY CORNER, RANT OF THE DAY, and WEIRD WORLD NEWS! Keep up with … Continue reading →
Week over, time to celebrate with HARDDRIVE XL and LOU BRUTUS! Lou has featured artist KID ROCK and special guest NICKELBACK! LZZY HALE is here to answer your questions about music and life in ASK LZZY! Get your requests in to Lou at 877-MUSIC-11! Add to … Continue reading →
The biggest rock stars are on HARDDRIVE XL! Joining LOU BRUTUS tonight are featured artist of the week KID ROCK and special guest STARSET! If you want to know what really goes on backstage, call 877-MUSIC-11 and ASK LOU! Hit up for everything about hardDriveRadio!
Keep Wednesday night rocking on HARDDRIVE XL with LOU BRUTUS! Featured artist KID ROCK returns, along with special guest LIKE A STORM! Wonder what goes on backstage at a concert? Call Lou at 877-MUSIC-11 and ASK LOU! Check out to stay on top of … Continue reading →
Tonight LOU BRUTUS is joined by featured artist KID ROCK and special guest WE ARE HARLOT! If you’ve got a mountain of anger to get off your chest, call the XL SHOUTBOX, toll-free, at 877-MUSIC-11 and tell Lou! Keep up with with show news and contests … Continue reading →
Crank up the rock with HARDDRIVE XL and LOU BRUTUS! Lou is joined every night this week by featured artist KID ROCK! Tonight’s special guest is PAPA ROACH! Lou’s got an all new SMASH OR CRASH tonight, with INCUBUS vs. HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD! Plus your requests at … Continue reading →

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